Ora2 Care

Stains Build Up Slowly,
Without You Even Noticing

Indulge Without Worry

By using Ora2 oral care products regularly, you can maintain your bright smile without having to give up on your favorite drinks and foods!

Feel confident with natural white teeth and a bright smile.

'How about curry for lunch today?' STAIN 'I'd love some chocolate with tea!' STAIN 'If you're sleepy, have a coffee.' STAIN

Reliable Stain Care
For A Brighter Smile

Daily brushing with Ora2 STAIN CLEAR toothpaste will help keep your teeth naturally white.

Some stains are formed naturally. To remove such stains, we highly recommend consulting your dentist.

Pulp Stain Enamel Dentin

How Does Stain Build Up
On Your Teeth

Extrinsic tooth stains are formed from the interaction of polyphenols contained in foods such as coffee, wine and tea, with proteins that coat the surface of teeth (pellicle).

© Jason Brooks. Polyphenol in Food + Proteins (Pellicle) = STAIN.